Massage Therapy in Woodbridge, ON.


"My neck,back,legs,feet...hurt"
I am so stressed"

" I slept the wrong way"

"I'm on the computer all day"

"This pregnancy is killing my back"
"Shh.. I have a headache/migraine"
"I pulled a muscle"

"Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen."- Shakti Gawain

 Please don't take chances with your health, you deserve to live pain-free. A treatment plan that is catered to your needs is the perfect solution to improving your overall health and well being.  


Christina's passion to naturally heal pain and discomfort developed while receiving treatments in rehabilitation from severe scoliosis and a car accident. She graduated with honours from Bryan College in 2013 and has since been increasing her knowledge through multiple courses like  movement based rehabilitation, sports massage,  infant/ baby massage workshops, and essential oil / aromatic therapy.  In her practice, she utilizes a fusion of different Swedish massage techniques coupled with the perfect compliment of movement therapy; Targeting the source of the pain and correcting incorrect muscle patterns for pain free function. Christina is a versatile therapist and can apply a firm deep pressure but can also achieve  the most relaxing touch.  Christina also provides many services, like corporate lunch and learns, and  wellness programs. She is determined to educate and continue her career in other avenues of holistic healing.  She strives to increase the quality of people's lives by tailoring each treatment to their specific needs.

'Knead' a Massage?

When your body works the way nature intended, your spirit soars-and so do you. Alternative Healing is a private massage therapy practice,  in Woodbridge, ON,  founded in 2013 and operating within BODability. It is our commitment to provide a safe, professional and effective treatment by assessing and treating the soft tissue and joints of the body with Swedish massage techniques and movement based rehabilitation. We promise to always listen and put forth all of our knowledge and skill to prevent and treat any physical dysfunction. Take comfort knowing you are in great hands 

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