Relaxation massage.
This is a gentle, yet firm form of massage that uses a combination of Swedish  massage techniques at a consistent and steady pace to provide the ultimate sense of relaxation. Ideal for the relief of stress, and minor aches and pains from every day living.

Deep Tissue massage.

This massage focuses on deeper pressure at a slow pace to target the deepest layers of muscles, tendons, and fascia(the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).  This form of massage is beneficial for the relief of pain and adhered structures from repetitive/chronic conditions and/ or injuries.

Sports massage.
This is a combination of deep tissue, active(moving your targeted  muscle/joint yourself) and passive( therapist moving your targeted muscle/joint)  muscle release techniques  performed at a variety of different speeds with and without resistance to either prepare muscles for a specific event or treat muscles post athletic/sporting event.  This will allow the athlete, or active individual, to continue their activity/ sport with ultimate muscle function and range of motion.

Trigger point massage.
This massage focuses solely on one or two specific areas of tight muscle fibers (adhesion's aka "knots") that can form over time after injuries or overuse. The methods used in this treatment include holding or squeezing the effected area several times  combined with resisted movements until the muscle releases and pain is subsided. This treatment is perfect for the busy client who needs a quick fix.

This massage is specifically tailored and offered to pregnant women from their second trimester on. The woman's body is properly positioned on her side and supported using pillows and padding to ensure ultimate comfort and safety for the mother and baby.  Deep tissue work  is avoided around certain areas of the body(i.e. abdomen and pelvic area). The massage therapist is knowledgable about every aspect of pregnancy and will provide a safe, and effective treatment relieving aches , pains, swelling , numbness and any discomfort caused by pregnancy.

Lymphatic Drainage.

Is a gentle massage intended to encourage stimulation of the lymphatic system to drain excess fluid through your available lymph nodes*. This is achieved with gentle, rhythmical, and precise movements in specific areas of the body and the application of hot and cold therapies.

 *Available lymph nodes: In the event some lymph nodes have been removed as a result of a operation.

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